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About Me

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” bottom_margin=”30″]I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking time out to check out my website.

I am from Warrenpoint, Co. Down, N. Ireland

I am fascinated by the psychology of why people buy things. The moment a person makes a purchase, they are valuing what you have to offer over everything else that their money could buy.

At the heart of it, people are not just buying a product or service but the emotions and experiences they feel as result of buying the thing.

If we dig deep into this, we will start to see the triggers that make people think the thoughts, make the decisions and take action that leads to them valuing what you do over everybody else!

That is simple but extremely powerful! (How many of us do this though?)

The internet provides us all with a platform to connect with people, offer something of value to their lives and make that connection.

I try to make that a reality with my own online ventures.

I also help businesses struggling with their digital marketing through what I have learned through my own online endeavours.

I love living in Warrenpoint, Co. Down. I am passionate how about showing the world where I live.

I am a guitarist who loves teaching others how to play guitar.

I was formerly a personal injury solicitor. A key skill for a litigation solicitor is to understand the motivations and concerns of all the parties involved.

If you build a case with relevant and compelling evidence that persuades everyone involved to achieve the best outcome for all.

Do this with authenticity and care for your client, respect for your opponent (you will meet them again!) everyone wins.

If we approach a marketing campaign in the same way, we will connect with people genuinely, provide real value and have opportunity to serve them (not just sell to them)

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