Why is a story board important?

If you have a business, you need to be producing video.

That is a simple fact of business life on the social platforms that we all use to promote our businesses.

However for many of us, we doubt our own capabilities to produce video content and therefore avoid it.

Putting our heads in the sand is not an option though.

Video is how many of our customers and potential new customers consume information online – just take a scroll through a newsfeed or chat on Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Instagram or Snapchat to see what I mean.

In this article, I will take a look at some of the things we need to put in place before we even think about pressing the record button. Follow these steps and the process of video production will not seem so daunting.

When you are making a video for your business it is essential to plan.

Whether the video is a sales or promotional video, an informational video – tips, tricks and advice or simply a fun video planning the format, location and content is a necessary part of the process of producing effective videos for Facebook and the other social networks.

Do not leave it until the production crew have the cameras and gear all ready to go to start to decide what the video is going to be about and who or what is going to be in the video. (Particularly if you are hiring a video production – time is money!)

Give yourself some time to consider what the subject and message of your video is going to be.

An example of a video storyboard

What is a storyboard used for?

Storyboarding is one way to help you visualise what the video will look like to ensure that you get all the important shots that you need. By using a story board you are being an effective digital marketer eliminating wasting resources – time, energy and money.

Start by asking some basic questions to help get the creative juices flowing to translate the message of your business from ideas to paper.

What are the products and services that you want to promote using the video?

What are the benefits and what is your unique selling proposition?

What action do you want customers to take?

Empathise! Step in the shoes of your customers to try and understand the information that they want and what matters most to them.

A storyboard is visual and it helps you show the key elements that you want captured on your video. It is very easy to forget an important element that you wanted captured and only discovering this after the recording has been done.

So to make sure that you don’t leave anything out get the ideas down on the storyboard.

The Storyboard format has blank rectangles on the page. Think of these as a visual representation of a frame or screen. You can right notes of important factors that need top be included.

Now sketch the story of your video. Don’t worry! you don’t have to be a good artist or produce a work of art. This is just a visual representation of the key elements that you want included.

Check out the Storyboard Example below

An example of a video storyboard

Storyboarding tips

Things to think about…

– Where will the video be set?

What will the background to the video be?

Who will be in the video?

Will anyone be speaking?

You can download my free blank storyboard template by clicking the Blank Story Template below.

Blank Storyboard template

Download a blank storyboard template – click  Blank Storyboard template

Please take a moment and check out some of the video I have produced for local businesses! You can access it here at video production samples – thanks for taking a look!

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