Empathy and Doing Business!

“No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care”

― Theodore Roosevelt

Empathy is probably the most important attribute anyone in business can have.

If you walk in the shoes of your customer and really live their journey in life, you won’t simply be selling them stuff.

You will be demonstrating to them that your understand a little about what is going on in their lives. Their motivations, fears and some of the obstacles that get in their way of achieving what they want for themselves and loved ones.

Let’s take an example!

If you are selling school uniforms – think about the struggles and fears that many families go through as it approaches that time of year when new uniforms are required. It will usually be during the summer holidays when they have already spent a considerable amount on family outings, holidays and things needed just because the kids are around the house all day.

Particularly, if there is more than one child, when a number of uniforms are needed in the one household

Perhaps the enjoyment of summer fun had to be abandoned in anticipation of buying new uniforms.

Maybe there is nothing that you can do about that but simply passing it off as not your problem misses an enormous opportunity to understand your customer!

When you walk in that parents shoes – the more real you make the persona the more it will resonate – you will have a better understanding of the emotions and experiences they feel.

If you can work on a proposition that might genuinely help you will be positioning yourself ahead of the competition.

From a content creation perspective, if you can create content that genuinely addresses those emotions and experiences, you will be connecting with people authentically and your message will resonate at a deeper level.