Facebook Press and Hold Video

This is a super cool function to make your Facebook videos or images come alive on the newsfeed with real time interaction with your users.

The Press and Hold function allows a user to physically press image post to “reveal” either video or an image slideshow.

Lift your finger off the screen and you return to the static image.

Think of all the fun you can have with this!

From a business perspective this provides you with a novel function to surprise your customers with some very interesting content “behind the reveal”

The function will only work on the Facebook App on your smartphone.

Take a look at a post I created for the band Firechild.

You will see that we created a static image – “Is your fave band here?” with an arrow to “Press Here & Hold”

Check out the Facebook post by clicking and press and hold the image to reveal the content – lift your finger off the image and the reveal stops

IntoLive App

This is made possible by an app called intoLive.

In intoLive, you select a video or images. You have various editing functions at your disposable.

IntoLive App Interactive Facebook Press and Hold VideoOnce you are satisfied with your video or images, you move to the next stage where you can insert the first frame.

IntoLive App Interactive Facebook Press and Hold Video

The first frame is were the magic happens. I designed an image with the call to action – “Press Here & Hold” so that users will be directed to press the image. We have no doubt that many will be sceptical that anything at all will happen within Facebook but the adventurous will be rewarded with some superb functionality

IntoLive App Interactive Facebook Press and Hold Video

Once you have saved the video to the camera roll, you can upload to Facebook.

You must use the Facebook App to upload to your business page. This will not work if you upload via the Pages app, it will simply upload as a static image.

You click the Live icon – see image below – to engage the function before you publish the post to Facebook.

IntoLive App Interactive Facebook Press and Hold Video

I created the video in Imovie and designed the image and then uploaded to Google Drive were I was able to save to my phone for the purpose of uploading to IntoLive.

Why you should be storyboarding when creating Facebook videos, read more HERE

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