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Boogie Bounce | Warrenpoint

Custom House | Warrenpoint

From The Bandstand | Warrenpoint

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Video Strategy

We all like to hear a story! When planning a promotional video for your business, think about the story of your business and how you can intrigue the viewer and help them engage with you and the essence of what your products and service can do to help them.

Video Production

Video is exploding on social media! Viewers really only want two basic things in life - reduce pain and increase pleasure! You don't have to create a Hollywood Blockbuster just clearly show how your product or service help them get rid of annoyance and add value to their lives.

Video Promotion

Check your stats! How long are your videos been viewed? Step in the shoes of social media users, we like short videos on Facebook and Instagram. Understand the social network you want to promote on and your videos will convert to sales.

Check out the link below on the first step you should when creating a video.

Video Production Checklist

Here's a checklist of things to consider when producing a promotional video

  • What's the story of your business?
  • What emotions and experiences do your customers associate with your product?
  • How do you convey those emotions and experiences in a short video?
  • Where is location of the video shoot?
  • Who will be in the video?
  • Create a storyboard!
  • Have you access to Camera, Lights, Audio, Editing?
  • Do you need help with the core marketing message of the video?
  • Will you be able to produce this yourself?
  • Will you need help with video production and editing?
  • Will you need help on how to best publish your video on social media?

Need a video for Social Media?

If you need to produce video to promote your business on social media, shooting and editing the video is the last thing that you need to think about. Your success depends upon leaving a lasting impression on your audience and that requires getting to the heart of why your customer might need or want what it is you have go to offer.